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Exporting pine & hardwood chips domestically & internationally

JHL Timber produces up to 10,000 tons of pulp quality chips weekly for our clients. We have the expertise and capacity to partner with paper mills and manufacturers across the United States and throughout the world. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us.

JHL Timber

Our history goes back almost 40 years. Since 1983, our team has promised and delivered an excellent product with professional service. We use first-rate equipment, expert techniques, and a skilled crew to guarantee fast production, on-time delivery, and consistent quality.

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Seeking domestic & international paper mills & pellet mill manufacturers

We Sell Premium Pulp Quality Chips

JHL is seeking to partner with paper mills and/or pellet mill manufacturers throughout the United States as well as internationally. We will serve nations such as China, Italy, India, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, and more.

Our clients traditionally utilize our products for papermaking. We offer a high capacity production and have an on-site rail spur for easy shipping and exporting. If you’re interested in partnering with JHL, give us a call.

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High Production Capacity

  • 10,000+ tons of chips produced weekly
  • 60,000 tons of wet storage space
  • Additional production capacity through our parent company, L&R Timber
  • Reliable Quality

  • Our chip quality profile is consistent and customizable
  • Chips contain under 1/2% bark content
  • Exclusively harvested by certified Texas Pro Loggers
  • Turnkey Production Logistics

  • On-site rail loading access
  • Access to a 50 truck fleet if needed
  • Manpower for truck loading for clients providing transportation
  • Our Products

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    On our by-products or pulp quality chips

    Contact JHL today to learn more about our product and service or to request a quote. A team member will contact you soon to discuss your production requirements and answer any questions you may have regarding forming a contractual relationship with JHL Timber.